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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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one likeness seizes the other. As we understand
in the case of the life's senses, which are such an
issue from the breathing of the soul, as the soul
is an issue and counterstroke from the divine soul
of the divine knowledge.
22.  Now as God, by his breathing forth of his
eternal wisdom and knowledge, has revealed him-
self by Nature and creation, both by the inward
holy life, by the life of angels and men, and has
introduced  his  will of his  knowledge  into  form
for re-utterance through a formed divulged mode;
as also by Nature, and its re-breathing forth of the
creatures   of the  visible  world,   and  has   always
made the external, uttered by Nature, subject to
the inward principle, so that the inward should
rule through the external corporeal, and be a spirit
of the external:
23.  Know, then, that in like manner, the intro-
verted,  new-born  life   of  man,  in divine   power
and might, can and should rule over the external
Reason-life of stars and elements.    And if this be
not done—viz. that the inward eternal life in man,
in divine power and light, rule over the external,
earthly, astral life of the mortal desire, and break
the  will  of the earthly desire  (wherein  lies the
serpent's image)—then there is not yet any new
birth or divine will manifest in such life and work-
ing, and such a man (as long as he stands in the
earthly will alone) is no child of heaven.    For the
divine scientia is transformed into earthly, animal
quality by the individual imagination of the false
will; and is as to the body an evil beast, and as
to the soul an averse, false will, which wills not